History of Alchemy

We just passed the 5 year mark of our History of Alchemy podcast. 
Visit historyofalchemy.com for detailed information on over 70 alchemists, and dozens of concepts from over 1400 of history. Or listen to the podcast on podcastnik.com or acast.com or anywhere podcasts are available (like an app).
Some of the items in this collection come from our own graphic designer and are unique to this shop. Other items we just think are kinda neat.
We got into alchemy from living in Prague and wondering about the history we saw every day. But when it comes to items in the shops we're more nerds than academics. Travis Dow wrote the Alchemy Booklet for those really coming across alchemy for the first time, or at maybe want a more solid understanding of what alchemy even meant through the centuries. It's a short read packed with easy-to-digest concepts that will give you a basic understanding of this mysterious science. We're always curating this collection -- looking for stuff we'd want for ourselves honestly. Sign up for the newsletter and even reply with suggestions!
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